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What Influences Fashion in Pakistan?

When many people in the western world look at the fashion in Pakistan, they don’t tend to think much about it. Most people consider the trends to be rather restrictive, and that may be the case in certain circumstances. Like any part of the world, however, there is fashion trend that comes and go. What has an impact on those trends?

First of all, there are many talented designer clothing in Pakistan, including those in the fashion industry. In fact, some of those who work in the Pakistani Fashion Industry are the most gifted designers in the world. Not only do they have the ability to guide the fashion industry inside of the country, but their influence can also even be seen in other parts of the world as well.

One thing that surprises many people is that the Pakistani Fashion Industry is competing with the other main brands around the world. That competition is fierce, there is no doubt, but it is something to be considered. The fashion culture in Pakistan is quite diverse, and there are some unique aspects to it as well that make it appealing to designers everything. It allows for change but with the limitations of local traditions and values.

As is the case with fashion in any part of the world, the Pakistani fashion industry is highly influenced by what takes place in Hollywood. This includes both the style and the colors of the dress, include nude or bright colors and strapless dresses. Many of those trends are only copies of the Western trends, but they tend to do it in their own, unique way.

The fashion industry and trends in Pakistan will continue to grow and develop as time goes by. It will be interesting to look in on the culture in a few years to see where it has gone.

Social Media Marketing Etiquette

By now, businesses should know that social media marketing is a tad different from other internet marketing forms. In part, this is because this type of marketing involves interacting directly with your audience, thus interacting directly with your customer and or clients on a constant basis.

As such, it is important for businesses, whether large corporations or small businesses to understand social media marketing etiquette. Beyond understanding, companies should use these etiquette guidelines in their interactions specially while using Automated Publishing Tool. Herein is an etiquette guideline for some of the social media platforms.

Facebook Etiquette

#1. Do Not Like Your Posts – This makes your business appear as desperate, which is not good for your brand.
#2. Reply To Comments Fast – Do not neglect your followers. Respond to their queries and questions as fast as you can.
#3. Do Tag Your Follower photos Without Their Consent – Do not tag your company in your follower’s pictures for no reasons and especially without their consent.
#4. Do Not Solicit Likes For No Reasons – Do not include “Comment or like this post” on every post. It oozes an aura of desperation which is not good for your brand.

Twitter Etiquette

#1.Do Not Use Bots To Attain A Following – This may lead to your business and its account being banned by Twitter. Additionally, it is deceptive and unethical.
#2. Do Direct Message Your Followers For No Reason – Unless there is a need to for direct messaging, refrain from direct messaging your fans, especially using auto responders.
#3. Use Hashtags Professionally – Do not overuse hashtags, it makes your marketing efforts seem unprofessional. This hurts your brand.
#4. Do Not Hijack Your Competitor’s Hashtags – Be creative and come up with your brand’s hashtags. Use content that communicates your message and your stays right to you brand.

Finally, it is important to note that every social media platform has its unique etiquette. Acquaint yourself with the protocols to ensure your interaction with your followers is appropriate.

Musicians Who Had Trouble With The Law

When it comes to musicians, they are just as likely to have run-ins with the law as any other type of celebrity.  Although our Maggie Nicols, despite being a staunch feminist, never had any trouble. But let’s look at some examples.

Willie_Nelson_at_Farm_Aid_2009_-_CroppedWillie Nelson is a great example. A longtime advocate for pot, he also was in trouble with the law for narcotic mushrooms as well as for his back taxes. Although it’s all been sorted out, he had a rough go of it while things were settled up to the law enforcement’s liking.

In 1930, Louis Armstrong was in trouble along with his drummer Vic Berton. Just outside of the Cotton Club in California, he spent the night in a cell and was laughing most of the night due to his high. The judge gave each of them sentences of six months which he later suspended and changed to a fine of $1000.

More pot advocates, John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono were arrested in London in their own home in the year of 1968. As Lennon attempted to get rid of the evidence (we’re not sure how he disposed of it exactly), police read him the warrant through his bedroom window. They eventually broke down his front door and turned their Drug-sniffing dogs loose to find hash as well as a cigarette rolling machine that had traces of morphine, hash, and marijuana on them. Lennon was given a fine of 150 pounds after he plead guilty. He wasn’t the only Beatle who was arrested for Marijuana use. Paul McCartney was arrested in 1984.

In Los Angeles in the year of 1968, Clapton was arrested with three other members of Buffalo Springfield and Neil Young. Jim Messina, as well as Richie Rufay were all up on charges of possession of marijuana. The last 3 were found guilty and fined, however, Clapton beat all of the charges and was released.

This event was rumored to be the cause of Buffalo Springfield’s break up.

Marijuana has played a big part of influencing music including jazz music. If you are ever arrested like these musicians and might need to post bail, there are several different bail bond companies that can help you like Lucky 7 Bail. They have been helping the resident of NJ by getting them out of jail quickly for many years.

Studying The Top Three Female Jazz Singers Of All Time

Making a top 10 list of the finest female jazz singers is difficult enough, but trimming that list down to a top three is even more difficult! While there will be some controversy, especially over that number three slot since there are so many good options, generally speaking the same few names come up again and again when discussing who the best female jazz singers are.

#1: Ella Fitzgerald
ella-fitzgerald-female-1275911_640Ella Fitzgerald is an absolute legend when it comes to music in general, and there is probably only one name that can compete with her as far as incredible female jazz singers go. Now the name that is most often associated with jazz music, especially when talking about vocals, the woman who was nicknamed the Queen of Jazz built her reputation over decades of incredible vocal work especially when singing what is referred to as jazz scat – and especially improvised version of jazz singing is extremely difficult to do well.

#2: Billie Holiday
Billie Holiday, often nicknamed Lady Day, was a giant among female jazz singers and one of the few names that we mentioned in the same breath as Ella Fitzgerald. She died relatively young, but had already put two decades of solid work into jazz by the time of her tragic early demise. A must-have for any jazz collection.

#3: Nina Simone
Etta James would have been another good choice for this spot, but we’re going to give the nod to Simone. The sixth child of a preacher, you know learn classical piano as a child but would find her taste and passion in providing incredible jazz music and vocals to this expressive form of music. Ironically, Nina’s real name is Eunice Waymon and she use this stage name because her family associated jazz with “The Devil’s Music.” Just listen to those vocals:

Stormy Weather

I swear, every single time I hear her sing this song I get chills. Her alto voice, the piano, it’s hard to believe that she is a white woman from Scotland! Is that offensive? Her vibrato is on point! Let me know what you think!