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Top Hip Hop Clubs That You Should Check Out In NYC

Having a night out with friends? Some of the best places to bond when in NYC are the generous number of hip hop clubs that you’ll find in this place. Dancing the night away is more fun with hip hop songs coming out of the loud speakers with happy people around you. However, if it’s your first time going to New York it can be difficult to choose which places are the best for your style or which ones are you going to enjoy with your friends. To make everything easier for you, here is a list of the best hip hop clubs that you’ll find in New York!


If you want to be with a mature crowd, Katra is the place to go to. This club has two floors to accommodate guests. The music is a mix of reggae and hip hop. One special tip is that the bartenders in this place are trained from Bartending School New York City and usually good looking, so it’s a place to check out with your girlfriends! They also have special promos so make sure to try them!

The 40/40 Club

The owner of this club is Jay Z which means it is THE club to go to when you’re looking for hip hop music while drinking and partying with your friends. The massive 12,000 square foot venue has TVs, hardwood floors, pool tables and portraits featuring well-known athletes. Since it’s a casual sports bar, this club is the best place for watching big games while chilling with your friends!

The city that never sleeps is a place of great adventures and exciting journeys. With these top hip hop clubs, your NYC experience will be even more thrilling. You’ll meet different people and see various cultures have fun through out the night. So start planning your night out and enjoy these clubs with your friends!