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Hecate's Haven

Aims:  To co-create environments that bring out the best in us all.  To share skills and resources.  To explore the dynamic relationship between structure and spontaneity in non-competitive ways.  To demonstrate the essential role creative expression plays in sustaining individual and collective mental health.
Methods:  A mixture of structured workshops led by experienced facilitators and events where people can gather and share spontaneous creativity.   Opportunities for people to generate their own creative projects.  Activities for both specialist and integrated groups.  Yoga, meditation and other healing practices.


I'm scared and excited on this path

I don't want to go on my own but I don't want to be

swallowed up either

Can we be in our different rhythms together? Centred in fire with the right to be

clumsy, cliched and tired 

clumsiness is an essential part of grace 

Oh No.....not another fear to face or dance around and avoid

in what my mate Shirl calls a void dance

a dancing void

It's a skip and a stumble

a trip and a fall

a flip and a fumble

a dip and a crawl

but like Dorothy said “ We're coming to call”

It's a break dance down and through to fly anew but don't forget your roots

in the underbelly ground

This is a dance of dissidence a dizzy dance of contradiction in the here and not here always moving the same and not the same continuity and interruption

Altered states are natural anyone can experience them but being pushed over the edge by those who deny, then classify and pathologise them can spin you round in vicious circles of lonely isolation and despair.

Psychiatric straight jacket authority colonises our minds solidarity frayed    kindred spirits betrayed

“Are you an angel from heaven come to prostitute me”?

I we you she he they I wish you were here on this journey of

musical metaphor

flesh    blood    bone  stripped bare to the essential soul energy of being alive and human

constantly changing in the face of orders to stay the same

fixed and framed in a state of imposed surrender

someone who knows their place nose to the grindstone

no escape

scapegoat those who cannot/will not fit even into the fringes

isolate   dislocate   medicate  They're finding new disorders every day

IT COULD BE YOU... The pharmaceutical companies need your custom

Capitalism needs new markets and efficient, obedient,  cheap and cheerful labour

Sickness and Wars let thevampire undead suck out the life blood from me and you

oh let me sleep through it I don't want to be on this journey

it's too much to take in and take on

I'll wake up every now and then and shout obscenities at the telly but not too loud

in case the neighbours think I'm mad better try to pass as normal, put on a funny hat  style  face  at the appropriate time and place

some of us get paid for our consciousness streaming screaming

Hecate be my guide on this journey of becoming

Mother of the witches, lady of the crossroads, journeywoman of death, change, giving birth and altered states

crazy, creative crone, bullshit detector,  protector of the innocent and the mad. Take me to the heart of the beast and find me courage I didn't know I had

show me we can choose within the limits of our epoch

to gather our resources

summon up the forces of freedom and change make a nuisance of ourselves

to make a new sense of ourselves

Maggie Nicols - Performance Piece - 1995

Hecate by Wendy Andrew

My Mate Shirl at Hecate's Haven

"Singing has a universal relevance for the health of communities. The voice is at once the most ordinary and extraordinary part of us. It expresses each one of us uniquely, and yet can blend with others in ways where we no longer know one voice from another. It lifts our spirits and deepens our relationships.

Can we take this into every aspect of our lives; our uniqueness and connectedness? "Divide and rule" oppresses us and manipulates our fear of difference. We need to practice being in our different rhythms together, musically and socially.

Our voices help us find ourselves; reclaiming lost treasure and innocent wisdom - we carry everything that's ever been. Serena Roney Dougall says that research has shown that the conscious mind can hold about seven things at once, but the unconscious or subliminal mind "billions". We are lucky to find safe ways to explore this ancient territory in each new changing moment, especially when we improvise together.

I believe we are exploring the same territory as the so-called mad or mentally ill, the main difference being between creative affirmation or overwhelming isolation. Let us continue. Let us expand our musical community. Our voices are revolutionary; personally and politically,
individually and collectively."
a piece Maggie wrote for a seminar on the voice run by Community Music Norwich

Hecate's Heaven

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