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Contradictions is an ongoing womens workshop/performance group, founded in 1980 as a performance group with Maggie, trumpeter Corine Liensol , pianist Irene Schweizer and dancer Roberta Escamilla Garrison. Maggie then developed it into an open women's workshop and performance group which combines her love of spontaneity and structure, improvised, and written and rehearsed, multi media material.
It looks like there may be another revival of glorious Contradictions. Women are gathering again in west Wales and we'll see what happens. 

The following images are the original programme detailing the 5 day event hosted by Contradictions at the Oval House, Kennington, South West London with photographs of rehearsal and performance. To read the programme just click on the images for larger size.

Front Cover
Contradictions Programme Front Cover

Rehearsal Oval House South London 1980s
Click Here For Larger Image, Photo by Robert Henry
Libby Gallagher, Maggie Nicols, Shirley Hall

Page 1

Page 3

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Centre Spread
Pages 5 & 6

Page 8

Page 10

Back Cover
Programme Back Cover

Performance of Revolutionary Times Oval House
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Including Maggie, Camilla Cancantata, Sally Beautista, & Pam Elliott

Page 2

Page 4

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Page 9

Contradictions never die and can be activated at any time.

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