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Maggie's Theatrical Info

Throughout my career as a musician and workshop leader I have always been involved with theatre, as well as incorporating it into my improvisation and musical performance.

I began as a dancer at age 15 at the famus Windmill Theatre, and also danced in productions such as "No No Nanette" at the Richmond Theatre, and spent 6 months at The Moulin Rouge in Paris. At 16 I was singing in a strip club, amongst other venues. One of my early theatrical performances was at the Mountview Theatre in "Under Milk Wood".

In the early 70's I became involved with the Oval House Theatre through leading voice workshops there. In working with actors, I learnt about the methods of Joan Littlewood and Grotowski. I also acted in Oval House Productions, including "Pucka Ri", which we went on to perform at Edinburgh Fringe Festival with Pierce Brosnan.

I have continued to lead workshops and write music for theatre companies including:
- Shared Experience
- Common Stock Youth Theatre (was Musical Director)
- Oxford Youth Theatre (co-directed Edgar Allan Poe's "the Masque of The Red Death"
- Crucible T.I.E.
- Welfare State (organised their music training programme)
- Theatre Centre - various productions incl. Noel Greg's "Plague of Innocence"
- Theatre Royal Stratford

Other Productions I have acted/been involved in include:
- "Mal de Mere" (written by Micheline Wandor, Dir Midge Mackenzie) in the Women's Theatre Festival at the Almost Free Theatre.
- "My Name is Rosa Luxembourg" with Anne Mitchell.
- I.O.U Theatre: "Rape of the Tea Goose" - tour incl. the Oval House and venues in Holland such as the Melkveg.
- Oval House and Drill Hall: "Coming Soon" written by Debbie Klein, and Changing Women's Theatre - "Patterns"

photo by Sue Neal
'Coming Soon'

- Monstrous Regiment "The Fourth Wall" with Paola Dionisotti (written by Dario Fo and Franca Rame).
_ Gay Sweatshop "One Night Stands" with Lindsay Cooper and a production written by Greyum Piper.
- Light and Shade duo with Sue Tandy comprising lighting and performance.
- Soundtracks to Mike Figgis films "Leaving Las Vegas", "One Night Stand", and "The Loss of Sexual Innocence".
- Professor Van Helsing with The Angel of The Odd Orchestra, in the live soundtrack performance to 'Nosferatu' at The Royal Geographical Society
Lindsay Cooper's Song Project, featuring the song cycle
'Oh Moscow' (text by Sally Potter) at London's Purcell Room
and several major European festivals.

photo by Dennis Austin
Professor Van Helsing

Major projects incorporating theatre include:
- The Feminist Improvising Group, which I co-founded in the late 70's. Members included Lindsay Cooper, Corine Liensol, Cathy Williams, Irene Schweizer, Sally Potter, Anne-Marie Roelofs, Angèle Veltmeijer and many others.
- Contradictions, started in 1980, a women's workshop performance group exploring both prepared work and improvisation in music, dance, theatre and visuals. As a large open group this has been a focus for many women, and various groups and projects such as "No Rules OK" have emerged from it.
- Political Street Theatre with Bro Emlyn for Peace and Justice activists - "Mock Arms Fair" in Carmarthen as Arms Dealer Lady Barren-Brooke-Smythe with Harriboy Spiv, and Canvassing for NooNoo Labour as Republicans A Broad political advisor Bella Lamour in "Vote NooNoo" in Newcastle Emlyn with Candidate Tipsy "Tubby" Tel.

Maggie is currently working with Claire Turner as 'GUFF & TOSH' of ABSURDLY MOVING THEATRE COMPANY

Their multi media show 'REFUSE' has just finished it's first run at St. Dogmaels Art Gallery. The show is described by Maggie as

'Surreal kitchen sink agit prop performance  art' 

click here to play video


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