Maggie Nicols

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Evolution Revolution

Peace and Justice for the world.

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Maggie Nicols with No Rules OK
Maggie Nicols with No Rules OK Bull & Gate 19 November 2002

"Then I joined the Workers Revolutionary party. I'd left school at 15 and being a member of the party was a wonderful education. They had an education centre and I learnt about Hegel, Marx and Engels. For the first time I realised that everyone goes from ignorance to knowledge and it's a continuous process. There aren't certain brain cells that make you either clever or thick - you can actually learn about ideas and concepts. We had lessons in economics, which never really sunk in, but I took to philosophy like a duck to water. I found concepts like dialectical materialism really exciting and it opened my eyes. And there's some brilliant stuff in Lenin's writings about Hegel that really gave me hope. Hegel is very difficult, and Lenin's notebooks are full of scribbles questioning what Hegel is on about. There's the sense that Lenin himself grappled, and then you realise it's not about reading something passively and immediately understanding. You have to struggle and practise to reach an understanding - there's a process involved." Maggie Nicols interviewed by Philip Clark, 'From a Deep Place', Jazz Review, October 2002, pp. 28-9.


Revolutionary Times

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