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Maggie Nicols - Messenger of the muse


There are many muses and guides in our lives, human and archetypal. In my workshops, training sessions and one to one classes, I teach a variety of ways to access sources of creativity for individuals and groups.Everyone is creative. It is a birthright.We can all inspire and be inspired by one another and my role is to facilitate the co -creation of environments where we communicate the muse so magic can happen.

"Maggie Nicols is a musician of exceptional capability, creativity and expertise, and is internationally recognised for her contribution to jazz and improvised music. However, her extraordinary teaching and enabling skills are not so well known. Her work does not easily fall into ready catagories but the results are clear. She can inspire people from all walks of life to listen and participate in music, she can compel experts and beginners alike to collaborate in an environment of creativity and respect, and her ability to engage others in complex and and challenging musical projects is exceptional." - Dave O'Donnell, Director, Community Music

"Maggie Nicols helped me to regain confidence in my voice within a short  time.
Her exercises demonstrate her absolute efficiency and profound knowledge and are also a lot of fun!
Especially working with my BODY (Yoga, Movements,...), BREATH (breathing exercises, Meditation,...), and VOICE (Free Improvisation, Songs, Sounds, Rhythm,...)showed me the strength and connectedness of all three of them, which gives me a lot of SAFETY.
Maggie´s empathy and experience is amazing and now that I´m much more aware of my energy and love for my voice, her work will  continue to affect me as a singer and teacher.
    Thank you so much!"                

Isa Kargl, 26/3/08,   singer, composer, teacher, after two visits to participate in week long creative intensives which I run in West Wales for small groups and individuals.


I have been leading workshops since 1969 when I started out by giving music workshops at the Oval House Treatre, one of the most innovative centres for fringe theatre. Through my work at the Oval House, I began working extensively for the ILEA (Inner London Education Authority), for example at Goldsmith's College, the Rochelle School and various adult education instutions.

Since then I have worked with an enormous variety of groups and participants - from children and teenagers to pensioners; from performance groups - e.g. actors, dancers and choirs; to training for teachers, community workers and music therapists.

People that came to my early workshops included those with formal learning difficulties, people with disabilities, and those experiencing mental and emotional distress, and I have continued to work extensively with both specialist and integrated groups.

My Method is a synthesis of different influences:

 The most important being :-
-John Stevens, co-founder of Community Music, through being a member of his group SME in 1968-9. I continue to use his "Search and Reflect" exercises in my workshops.
- Peter Oliver at the Oval House, who gave me my first opportunity to run workshops, and whose belief that everyone is creative has continued to to be my guiding principle.
- Innovative exercises from revolutionary directors such as Grotowski and Joan Littlewood, which I learnt about through working with actors.
- Yoga breathing principles.
These methods and philosophies have been intgrated with my own discoveries and ideas, guided by the muse.

I now offer in depth  Creative Intensives for small groups and individuals, usually, four hours a day and lasting for at least four days.
 I draw on my life & my  experience as a musician,dancer, actor, yoga teacher and workshop facilitator to explore creative energy in all its magical diversity 
We take the  time to  build trust  in ourselves, the creative process and the abundant gifts of the muse.
I sometimes invite a guest facilitator for a session. i.e Claire Turner who did a great session on mask work at one of the week long intensives
Creative expression is a necessity. It brings joy and a stong sense of what individual and community freedom might feel like.
This of course can mean a lot of laughter as well as wondrous revelation.

mechantes cd front cover
Mechantes - A vocal group from a residential workshop in Marseilles

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