Musicians Who Had Trouble With The Law

When it comes to musicians, they are just as likely to have run-ins with the law as any other type of celebrity. ¬†Although our Maggie Nicols, despite being a staunch feminist, never had any trouble. But let’s look at some examples.

Willie_Nelson_at_Farm_Aid_2009_-_CroppedWillie Nelson is a great example. A longtime advocate for pot, he also was in trouble with the law for narcotic mushrooms as well as for his back taxes. Although it’s all been sorted out, he had a rough go of it while things were settled up to the law enforcement’s liking.

In 1930, Louis Armstrong was in trouble along with his drummer Vic Berton. Just outside of the Cotton Club in California, he spent the night in a cell and was laughing most of the night due to his high. The judge gave each of them sentences of six months which he later suspended and changed to a fine of $1000.

More pot advocates, John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono were arrested in London in their own home in the year of 1968. As Lennon attempted to get rid of the evidence (we’re not sure how he disposed of it exactly), police read him the warrant through his bedroom window. They eventually broke down his front door and turned their Drug-sniffing dogs loose to find hash as well as a cigarette rolling machine that had traces of morphine, hash, and marijuana on them. Lennon was given a fine of 150 pounds after he plead guilty. He wasn’t the only Beatle who was arrested for Marijuana use. Paul McCartney was arrested in 1984.

In Los Angeles in the year of 1968, Clapton was arrested with three other members of Buffalo Springfield and Neil Young. Jim Messina, as well as Richie Rufay were all up on charges of possession of marijuana. The last 3 were found guilty and fined, however, Clapton beat all of the charges and was released.

This event was rumored to be the cause of Buffalo Springfield’s break up.

Marijuana has played a big part of influencing music including jazz music. If you are ever arrested like these musicians and might need to post bail, there are several different bail bond companies that can help you like Lucky 7 Bail. They have been helping the resident of NJ by getting them out of jail quickly for many years.