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Social Media Marketing Etiquette

By now, businesses should know that social media marketing is a tad different from other internet marketing forms. In part, this is because this type of marketing involves interacting directly with your audience, thus interacting directly with your customer and or clients on a constant basis.

As such, it is important for businesses, whether large corporations or small businesses to understand social media marketing etiquette. Beyond understanding, companies should use these etiquette guidelines in their interactions specially while using Automated Publishing Tool. Herein is an etiquette guideline for some of the social media platforms.

Facebook Etiquette

#1. Do Not Like Your Posts – This makes your business appear as desperate, which is not good for your brand.
#2. Reply To Comments Fast – Do not neglect your followers. Respond to their queries and questions as fast as you can.
#3. Do Tag Your Follower photos Without Their Consent – Do not tag your company in your follower’s pictures for no reasons and especially without their consent.
#4. Do Not Solicit Likes For No Reasons – Do not include “Comment or like this post” on every post. It oozes an aura of desperation which is not good for your brand.

Twitter Etiquette

#1.Do Not Use Bots To Attain A Following – This may lead to your business and its account being banned by Twitter. Additionally, it is deceptive and unethical.
#2. Do Direct Message Your Followers For No Reason – Unless there is a need to for direct messaging, refrain from direct messaging your fans, especially using auto responders.
#3. Use Hashtags Professionally – Do not overuse hashtags, it makes your marketing efforts seem unprofessional. This hurts your brand.
#4. Do Not Hijack Your Competitor’s Hashtags – Be creative and come up with your brand’s hashtags. Use content that communicates your message and your stays right to you brand.

Finally, it is important to note that every social media platform has its unique etiquette. Acquaint yourself with the protocols to ensure your interaction with your followers is appropriate.